Rally Safety Message — The New Year’s Stages, Saturday 28th January 2017


Hi folks,
In advance of tomorrow, if you are coming along to spectate, or capture images, we would like you to watch just a couple of short video’s on Spectator Safety and Media Safety. They include a few words from Ken Block & Kris Meeke. Please enjoy your day but stay safe! Cover up well it may be cold.

Spectator Safety

Media Safety
We want everyone to have an enjoyable but most importantly safe day. Any areas deemed prohibited,  are applicable across the board, please listen to the Marshalls and remember we are all ambassadors for our sport, whether you are Professional and or MSA Level two, or indeed a keen Amateur. Enjoy yourself and look after each other bibs on at all times please, stay warm!

Would you like to join our club?

Why not join us and come along to our events and you can either compete, Marshall or help organise. If you don’t fancy any of them just come along for the craic! Its just £10 up and until the end of January.


Fancy becoming a Marshall?

If you like Motorsports and would like to get up close and personal, why not sign up to be an MSA Accredited Marshall? If you are a photographer I would ask you consider it too, even if you are not applying for Media Accreditation. I have found that many events over the years, that I have attended either working or just for fun, have been short of Marshalls. I have always been more than happy as a Professional Photographer to put away the camera and help, its what we are all about really friendship, making it happen and just having a good day. Its really worth doing and its free. I would also suggest that its a worthy addition to anyone’s CV.

Have a look at the online link below and if you decide to have a go at the accreditation and get stuck, drop me a line and I will help you work through-it, no answers provided!