Kirkistown Sprint Saturday 29th October 2016 – last round ANICC Championship

A poor day to start with very slippery conditions catching out quite a few drivers but as the day went on it dried out to the most part with some light showers.

The results can be found here: –

Congratulations to Joe Courtney driving a 2.0 litre Reynard (Class 15) who was the overall winner with a best time of the day 110.66, followed by Adrian Pollock driving a 2.0 litre Dallara 301 GM with 112.04 and third overall was Mick Roche driving his 1.6 OMS Suzuki (Class 14).

Time for repairs, maintenance and performance enhancements before next season is upon us once again.

A few images from the day can be found below

img_6991 img_6945 img_6944 img_6982 img_6964 img_6959 img_6948 img_7006 img_7007 img_7017 img_7027 img_7060 img_7133 img_7111 img_7096 img_7082 img_7061 img_7149 img_7208 img_7210 img_7228 img_7240 img_7280 img_7274 img_7270 img_7252 img_7241 img_7291 img_7292 img_7330 img_7332 img_7343 img_7376 img_7364 img_7358 img_7349 img_7346 img_7381 img_7388 img_7392 img_7429 img_7434 img_7503 img_7477 img_7462 img_7457 img_7449 img_7517 img_7518 img_7522 img_7557 img_7565

img_7073 img_7319 img_7326 img_7043 img_7056 img_7063 img_7074 img_7076 img_7077 img_7078 img_7108 img_7109 img_7114 img_7224 img_7233 img_7238 img_7260 img_7284 img_7296 img_7303 img_7307 img_7320 img_7324 img_7360 img_7399 img_7409 img_7411 img_7412 img_7423 img_7425 img_7430 img_7442 img_7565 img_7557 img_7522 img_7518