Equinox Targa Rally Saturday 8th October 2016

The Ulster Automobile Club held The Equinox Targa Rally on Saturday the 8th October 2016, based at Harrisons of Greyabbey. The weather initially caused some concerns, with heavy showers at times, but it settled as the day progressed.

The first of forty cars left the line shortly after 09:30, and made their way to the first Special Test at Lord Dunleath’s Estate. A wide variety of vehicles took part, ranging from the ubiquitous MX5 to the Ford Anglia of Arthur McMullan from Ballynahinch. Twenty-one Special Tests lay ahead of them covering a wide area of the Ard’s Peninsula.

Unfortunately John Kelly’s MG Midget fell foul of electrical problems early on and had to retire. Some spectacular spins and slides entertained members of the public who arrived to watch the Castlebawn Test at shortly after 11:30am.

The overall winners were Car number 1 Christopher Evans and Kevin Fagan driving a Mazda MX-5, with a time of 17 minutes and 22 seconds. Targa Rallies are a good entry point to Motorsports and anyone interested is encouraged to speak to their local Motor Club.

The Clerk of The Course, Mr Ronnie Mitchell said at the prize-giving, “The club would like to thank Harrisons for welcoming us back again for another great days sport, and we are extremely grateful to all the land owners who allowed us to use their properties today.”

The Ulster Automobile Club will be holding its next event, the S W Adair Championship Sprint at Kirkistown on Saturday the 15th October, practice starting from 09:30am.

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Some images from Bill Swann thank you Bill :)

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