Peak Performance Motor Club – Jimmy Peak Multi-Venue Autotest Saturday 24th September 2016

With a mixed bag of weather and superb tests it made for a fun day to photograph. Congratulations to Peak Performance for running such an enjoyable day, very well done all the competitors and of course winners. On a personal note thank you for the welcome and hospitality.


img_4381 img_4389 img_4398 img_4402 img_4428 img_4466 img_4475 img_4490 img_4496 img_4510 img_4516 img_4529 img_4540 img_4558 img_4560 img_4570 img_4581 img_4585 img_4586 img_4603 img_4624 img_4625 img_4631 img_4663 img_4682 img_4686 img_4705 img_4732 img_4753 img_4755 img_4759 img_4761 img_4766 img_4770 img_4779 img_4783 img_4785 img_4786 img_4787 img_4790 img_4791 img_4794 img_4795 img_4799 img_4800 img_4805 img_4820 img_4845 img_4846 img_4850 img_4874 img_4883 img_4886 img_4889 img_4897 img_4913 img_4933 img_4952 img_4953 img_4956 img_4969 img_4970 img_4975 img_4992 img_5004 img_5005 img_5008 img_5009 img_5014 img_5017 img_5020 img_5023 img_5043 img_5046 img_5050 img_5072 img_5074 img_5085 img_5087 img_5089 img_5114 img_5117 img_5123 img_5129 img_5134 img_5146 img_5151 img_5155 img_5161 img_5162 img_5165 img_5170 img_5188 img_5200 img_5204 img_5212 img_5224