Last Sprint for 2015 Kirkistown Saturday 31st October 2015

Here are the images from an eventful day with a number of spins due to the initially damp conditions. As the weather improved the lap times reduced and t turned I to a great days Motorsports action.

Congratulations to all the well deserved class winners.

The overall results top ten were: –

  1. John Morgan
  2. Seamus Morris
  3. Gerard O’Connell
  4. Jaye Nevin
  5. Michael Roche
  6. Alex Wilsdon Jnr.
  7. Henry Campbell
  8. Andy Hawthorne
  9. John Stewart
  10. George Stevenson


_MG_4669 _MG_4670 _MG_4726 _MG_4750 _MG_4762 _MG_4785 _MG_4790 _MG_4795 _MG_4833 _MG_4856

_MG_4843 _MG_4844 _MG_4845 _MG_4913

Some images from Steve Kandi Thanks Steve

IMG_3983 IMG_4024 IMG_4038 IMGP2036 IMGP2046 IMGP2160 IMGP2203 IMGP2207 IMGP2210 IMGP2212 IMGP2251 IMGP2275 IMGP2277 IMGP2292 IMGP2296 IMGP2301 IMGP2304 IMGP2307 IMGP2311