UAC Retro Targa — Images from the day

Some excellent images courtesy of Bill Swann, thanks Bill

DSC_39500001 DSC_39510002 DSC_39520003 DSC_39530004 DSC_39540005 DSC_39550006 DSC_39560007 DSC_39570008 DSC_39600011 DSC_39610012 DSC_39620013 DSC_39630014 DSC_39640015 DSC_39700021 DSC_39710022 DSC_39730024 DSC_39740025 DSC_39750026 DSC_39760027 DSC_39770028 DSC_39780029 DSC_39790030 DSC_39800031 DSC_39810032 DSC_39820033 DSC_39830034 DSC_39840035 DSC_39850036 DSC_39860037 DSC_39870038 DSC_39880039 DSC_39890040 DSC_39900041 DSC_39910042 DSC_39920043 DSC_39930044 DSC_39940045 DSC_39950046 DSC_39960047 DSC_39970048 DSC_39980049 DSC_39990050