The first batch of pictures from It’s Not The Boxing Day Rally 2014

Firstly thank you all so much for attending The Officials The Marshalls and all the competitors. What a great day with an entry of 120 cars of all shapes and sizes.

We have images from some of the Tests from yesterday that I personally visited and some of our friends will hopefully contribute some images to fill in the gaps.

The whole story will unfold over the next couple of days and we will share the whole event with you here so check back to see if you are featured.

Four seasons in one day remarkable what this wee country can do really!

Here is the start


Here is what it was like at the end


Our first batch of images is from Brian’s Farm.

_MG_6011 _MG_6014 _MG_6015 _MG_6034 _MG_6041 _MG_6060 _MG_6062 _MG_6066 _MG_6069 _MG_6076 _MG_6082 _MG_6086 _MG_6093 _MG_6100 _MG_6104 _MG_6105 _MG_6109 _MG_6114 _MG_6140 _MG_6164 _MG_6170 _MG_6174 _MG_6184 _MG_6214 _MG_6227 _MG_6241 _MG_6250 _MG_6251