What a day! We have had an incredible amount of fantastic feedback :) Everyone seems to have really enjoyed their day out at the Event.

Competitors, Sign-on Officials, Marshals & Timekeepers (even though some of them got VERY wet),  Results Team, Photographers, Spectators, Sponsors, Land owners and the course-car officials at the front and back of each group out ‘on-the-road’ ALL seem to have had a blast.

As someone who visited each test on the day, I was overwhelmed by the resilient and smiling faces of the marshals & timekeepers in what can only be described as horrendous weather.

So from the UAC and the Organising Team – a HUGE thank you to everyone involved!!

The full results booklet for the event can be downloaded by clicking here, or by visiting the website directly.

We had great support from the following companies, all of whom deserve our thanks. We would encourage you to click through to the website for each to have a look at what they have to offer.

We also had a superb crew of photographers out on the event. The following folks deserve special mention and it is definitely worth taking a look at their photos :) We really appreciate them coming out to snap the competitors in action on various tests throughought the day.

PeeSpeed Photography

Ray Brown Photography

Roy Dempster Photography

Until next year…  :)  thank you for the amazing support!

The FLATRIGHT Boxing Day Crew